The manufacturers we represent train our personnel to be an extension of their sales force and rely on us to be our customer’s first point of contact to provide new product introduction, trends in the marketplace, and design assistance.

Our Mission

Our Objective is to provide our customers with the very best in product solutions and technical assistance. Dy-Tronix many years in our territory provides our Principals with an in depth knowledge of our customers and provides a conduit for involvement in current and future programs.

In addition, we strive to achieve total account coverage for our Principals, from conception to production. This assures us the opportunity to offer our customers the total benefits provided by our suppliers.

Our Service Area

Dy-Tronix serves the five Midwestern states of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

Our St. Louis office was established in 1971. As the Dy-Tronix Corporate Headquarters, it has the responsibility for Eastern Missouri and Southern and Central Illinois.

Our Kansas City office was established January 1, 1972 and is responsible for Western Missouri, Northeastern Kansas, Nebraska, and a small portion of Southwestern Iowa.

Our Cedar Rapids office was established in February 1976 and is responsible for most of Iowa plus the Northwestern portion of Illinois.

Our Wichita office was established in 1980 and is responsible for Southern Kansas and Southwestern Missouri.