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CSW-Series IP67 Combo Switch




The CSW-Series is a versatile combination switch featuring a multi-position rotary, a three-position lever, and momentary pushbutton functions. This compact switch offers superior current ratings, IP67 sealing protection, customizable legends and it is compatible with a variety of popular connectors.

Together, these features make the CSW-Series cost effective, easy to install, and well suited for a variety of commercial and recreational vehicles; and lawn and garden equipment.

Crouzet Motor Selector Guide




Crouzet covers the power range from 1 to 1000W peak (1/200 to 1HP+) and available with spur, worm or planetary gearboxes, plus adapted controllers.

The offering is specifically designed for access control systems, pumps and valves, electrical and medical industries.




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Laird Soft SMD Grounding Contacts


Laird grounding contacts


Laird Soft SMD (Surface Mount Device) Grounding Contacts are foam cored contacts with a metalized polyimide film outer covering. It is used for circuit grounding of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) devices.

This contact is designed to be solder reflow compatible and suitable for automatic processing.